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National Office Intern - 2019

This application is for leaders new to serving in an NSP Leadership role.
For returning applicants, please complete the "National Office Intern (Returning)" application.

National Office Interns serve alongside staff within the National Office to provide support for the Marketing, Development, Administration, or Human Resources functions of NSP.


  • Varies. National Office Interns will be assigned projects and ongoing responsibilities based on the need of the department and the ability and availability of the intern. 
  • In addition to faithfully managing assigned projects for the National Office, Interns may mentor 1 high school as part of their job in coordination with their manager.
  • Interns will work out of the NSP Office in Whittier, CA or in Wheaton, IL. Must have transportation to the office for regular team meetings and possibly for daily work.


National Office Interns will report to an NSP Staff member and will serve alongside other National Office Interns and student leaders.

Desired attributes of a National Office Intern

  • A growing relationship with God and love for God expressed in prayer, study of the word, and love of others
  • A missionary’s heart for evangelism and discipleship
  • Timely and prompt in communication, hitting deadlines, and arriving for meetings.
  • Faithful, responsible, follows through
  • Teachable, humble, team player
  • Proactive leader, takes initiative
  • Clear and prompt communicator

Pay scale and Support Raising

This position is a paid position, part time hourly.  We are trusting God to provide the funds necessary to hire each student worker.

In NSP, our ministry is funded by God’s people giving money to support God’s work. Every level of our team participates in support raising to the appropriate degree, including NSP Student Leaders and Interns. Student workers will create a personal support team who will pray and financially support you as you do ministry, and you’ll maintain it by sending out newsletters and tracking donations monthly.

Returning Interns and Student Leaders are expected to raise at least 50% of the funds needed for their ministry expenses and salary, and to increase their support raising goal by at least 25% from the previous year. See Student Leader Support Raising Policy for more details.

Key Dates and expected hours

Participation in the following events and seasons is required.

  • March 29-30 | Student Leader Orientation | Friday evening and all day Saturday.
  • August 5-17 | Student Leader Training | 2 weeks of all day/overnight training in Chicago
  • August 20-December 10 | Fall Semester | 18 hours/week typical, though some weeks may be more due to special events
  • 3rd or 4th weekend in September | Fall Training Weekend 
  • January 10 – May 10 | Spring Semester | 18 hours/week typical, though some weeks may be more due to special events
  • 3rd weekend in January | Winter Retreat 
  • Other Events | (varies by Chapter/Area)

Leadership Requirements

Personal Health: NSP Leadership roles requires leaders who are personally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, and we will conduct a personal and spiritual health check-in prior to the commencement of this leadership role. The results of that check-in may lead to changes in your placement or responsibility.

Handbook and Beliefs: Our success in NSP comes from God’s leading and providing for our team as we work together toward a common purpose in harmony. To maintain harmony, unity, and effective work for His kingdom, we have put in place policies, rules, and guidelines to keep us moving together. These rules are described in the the NSP Handbook (dated 7/20/2018).

Application Deadline and Requirements:

  • This application is due on January 4th, 2019
  • Please complete the entire application at one go - you cannot save your answers. You may want to prepare answers on a separate document before copy/pasting into this application. 
  • Please download and complete the Name-Storm worksheet (click for file) and upload as part of your application. We'll need you to list at least 70 individuals and/or families that will help send you into your work as either a new or returning Student Leader with their prayers and/or financial support. Please include names AND contact information(phone, email, and mailing address). This list will not be used by NSP, only by you for your personal support raising.
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